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Tinnitus is classified into two categories: objective and subjective.

In objective tinnitus, the patient perceives actual sounds, that emanate from such as turbulent blood flow due to abnormalities in veins or arteries, or hypertension, or muscle contractions, or medication, etc. Although objective tinnitus is quite rare, a standard check should always be carried out. Subjective tinnitus is the perception of sounds in the absence of external sound stimulation. They may appear suddenly and retreat automatically within few minutes or weeks but are considered chronic and unlikely to retreat if are present for long periods (eg for a few months). The pathological causes of tinnitus are difficult to detect because they may be due to both ear disorders and nervous system: abnormalities: acoustic trauma from a severe clang, ear injury, Meniere's disease, damaged hair cells or hyperactivity of the fibers of the acoustic nerve.

Most patients with tinnitus / hum also have at some degree a hearing loss. In many cases tinnitus is treated with hearing aid coverage. When a patient does not hear the low frequencies, for example, the brain as a reaction "produces sounds" in order to fill the gap in the low frequencies. If we cover the hearing loss of the low frequencies and the patient hears all the sounds of the environment, then the tinnitus is likely to be reduced or even stopped.

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Hearing aids are a useful means of dealing with tinnitus because they provide a dual benefit: a) they improve hearing and b) they “cover” the tinnitus. With the use of hearing aids, most patients are partially or completely relieved of tinnitus. Hearing aids can help people with tinnitus and hearing loss for the following reason: the main purpose of a digital hearing aid is to enhance the sounds, while at the same time helping to better understand speech. This amplification of sounds causes a neural activity in the ear, thereby shifting attention from tinnitus to more complex sounds such as speech and music. So hearing aids by amplifying environmental sounds reduce the perception of tinnitus. Our company has many cases that diminished or “withdrew” the tinnitus via the application of proper hearing aids.

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