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The right choice of the necessary innovative technological features

should be made on the basis of the type of hearing aid and the lifestyle of each person.

Feedback manager

The feedback manager is a technological feature of the hearing aid, that identifies and eliminates feedback without reducing the quality of sound.

Data logging

The data logging system displays time of usage in various hearing environments. It is a technological feature that fulfills the programming towards the automatic operation of the hearing aid.


Directionality is a technological feature that improves the quality of sound by focusing its source.


Noise reduction filter

It's a filter that enables the hearing aids to lower undesirable noise, by differentiating noise waves from speech waves so that reduces noise without affecting the speech or the quality of useful sounds.

Environmental gain tuner

Defines, situation dependent, gain changes for optimization of the listening experience in different environments. As soon as the device identifies one of the acoustic environments, the gain offset for that environment applies automatically based on the programing by the hearing consultant.

Tinnitus Sound Generator (TSG)

The usage of the Tinnitus Sound Generator (TSG) can be an effective long-term sound therapy solution for helping to reduce tinnitus perception. The optimum therapeutic sound for use in tinnitus management is individual. By enriching the environment with sound, we increase the loudness of the background environment, therefore making the tinnitus less prominent and noticeable.

Frequency shifting

Frequency shifting is a technological feature that takes important high frequency speech information that might not be heard by the user and shifts it to a lower frequency range. This enables the user to hear valuable speech information or other high frequency sounds, which might have otherwise missed.

Connectivity & Wireless accessories

The last generation of industry-leading 2.4 GHz (bluetooth), Wireless Accessories, helps the connectivity to a phone, TV, computer or stereo and get speech and sound directly in the hearing aids without any intermediate streamers. It's the completely wireless way to enjoy films, music, phone conversations making everyday life much more pleasurable.

Nano Coating

All hearing aids are treated with Nano Coating, which forms a protective coating on both the outer shell of the hearing aid and all the electronics inside from moisture and dust. Nano Coating prevents corrosion and greatly improves reliability resulting in fewer repairs.

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