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Hearing loss in children is usually due to acute otitis media or otitis media with effusion. With the appropriate treatment, the hearing is completely restored.

However, there are also cases of childhood hearing loss that are untreated and are usually congenital, that is, the child is born that way, and rarely acquired.

It is very important that the hearing loss is diagnosed as early as possible, in order to implement those measures that will allow the child to communicate with his / her environment and develop a speech.

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When  a child's hearing loss occurs at an early stage, the effects on their development are significant. These include delay in speech development, difficulty in formulating sentences, poor vocabulary, inaccurate wordplay, and so on. Inappropriate rehabilitation of a child's hearing can lead to limited self-esteem, social isolation, and is crucial for his or her academic education and subsequent career path. Therefore the earlier a child's hearing is detected and the earlier it is dealt with, the less serious the impact.

Appropriate treatment or a way to restore a child's hearing is recommended by an ENT doctor. There are cases of hearing loss that are surgically restored, some suggesting a cochlear implant and others being treated using hearing aids. The majority of cases of hearing loss are treated with the use of specialized hearing aids. The implementation of these hearing aids requires special knowledge/knowhow. Cosmoear has both requirements the proper hearing aids, and well-trained staff, who will work with your ENT physician and / or speech therapist to ensure that your child's hearing will be restored.

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